Ensuring sustainability through innovative trading

Agrodox adds value and reduces GHG emissions across the supply chain by incentivising sustainable agricultural practices, facilitating green transportation/distribution methods, and converting waste to energy.

Circularity is at our core!

Agrodox provides the technology that supports clean food production,
boosts efficient logistics and engages in innovative trading.

Smart Agricultural Method

Advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence supports the day-to-day operation of farmers in order to produce high quality food, increase yields, and preserve the land.

Buy. Sell. Barter.

Aggregate produce for sale to large buyers through our payment gateway. The platform offers the possibility for trading in CO2 emissions, as well as agricultural waste for conversion to energy.

Engage through the platform

Users interact in multiple channels from one place. A rewards system based on gamification is embedded within the platform, with Agrodox® Tokens as currency for barter and asset lending.

What makes us different?

We are a fusion of industries!

Agrodox is a B2B solution intersecting the Agritech, Greentech and Fintech sectors.

Small and medium farmers represent over 95% of farms worldwide,
and they cultivate around 87% of land.
Agrodox contributes to emissions reduction from transport, prevents pollution prevention and boosts resource efficiency in farming.
We also help with remediation of land deteriorated from overexploitation and overuse of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.

Our Impact


Pollution reduction in
the agricultural value chain via:

  • Farming practice optimisation,
  • Streamlining transport & logistics

We maximise the soil as a carbon sink by promoting practices that eliminate soil compaction and improves land quality. This data is track from the start of a farm using Agrodox and after.

A direct consequence of using Agrodox is improved biodiversity of the land.


Reduction of brain drain in rural areas by enabling tangible financial benefits to use of our product as part of our approach to diversity and inclusion

Our focus is on small family farms and enabling them meet high demand quotas on a distributed system of operations through our platform. This leaves a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Our pay and rewards policies ensures benefits to all stakeholders through discounts, bartering and Agrodox tokens.


As a core operational metric, Agrodox mitigates supply chain risks by directly managing the routes

We recruit and retain a highly diverse team to help us grow.

We are committed to creating quality data to enable sector benchmarking by documenting, monitoring and reporting on all relevant aspects.

Data Privacy

We are responsible with data!

Agrodox is undergoing the process of securing the relevant ISO certifications that would prove our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security when it comes to data privacy.