Ensuring sustainability through innovative trading

Agrodox adds value and reduces GHG emissions across the supply chain by incentivising sustainable agricultural practices, facilitating green transportation/distribution methods, and converting waste to energy.

Supporting 1000s of users across the EU: Agrodox® helps food sector companies grow business and reduce their environmental impact.

Unique Fintech solution that includes data analytics, carbon offsetting, blockchain, smart contracts and AI.

Over 95% satisfaction rate with our users who state that they have tangible benefits

Agrodox® System for Sustainable Agriculture (ASSA) leverages AI in supporting our users with their carbon accounting and ESG reporting.

We are the greenest fintech solution!

Agrodox® is a B2B solution that brings a revolutionary approach to the way agricultural and other green commodities are traded. 


We aggregate  green commodities such as grain, agricultural waste, raw materials, biofuels, etc, on our platform, for sale to large buyers. We advance the process with data analytics, blockchain for smart contracts and AI. 


Our method ensures carbon footprint reduction for our users, improved transparency, as well as business sustainability through direct access to credible buyers and cost savings.

Agrodox® ensures security of supply and positively impacts the finances of our users. 

Data Privacy

We are responsible with data!

Agrodox is undergoing the process of securing the relevant ISO certifications that would prove our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security when it comes to data privacy.