Digital Co-Op

We have created a thriving knowledge-based ecosystem within the Agrodox® platform. 


Farmers focused on the production of quality commodities, can 

  • form alliances, 
  • gain professional advice on regenerative agricultural practices including carbon
         sequestration in soils, and 
  • jointly set prices 


These actions will naturally enrich and preserve the land. 

For upholding Best Practice standards, farmers are rewarded with Agrodox® Tokens.

These options for consolidation of goods with the flexibility to set prices, engage in auctions, and collaborate effectively. This presents a unique opportunity for farmers to earn more.


Agrodox® Tokens

Agrodox® Tokens are gained through activities on the platform. Farmers earn Tokens by implementing sustainable agricultural practices guided by the Agrodox® System for Sustainable Agriculture (ASSA). These actions include renewable energy adoption/integration and waste management strategies. 

With the Tokens, they can secure discounts, barter for goods and services and sell the tokens as carbon credits.