Welcome to the digital Co-Op!

Agrodox® CO-OP is an omnichannel experience. It fosters quality networking and facilitates multi-directional information flow in an exclusive environment.


Interaction with our platform is a fun, uncomplicated experience through gamification. We take things up a notch by incorporating Agrodox® Tokens which can be collected and used as currency within the platform.


The Co-Op is all about linking farmers to consolidate their market presence and connecting them with traders and producers of agricultural technologies as well as climate friendly agricultural inputs. On one hand, farmers will be able to connect and exchange information about their current production and share experience about products they are using. On the other hand, producers and other value chain actors can identify the farmers’ needs and adapt their portfolio accordingly.

Agrodox® Tokens

Farmers and buyers can easily engage in trade and exchange of the Agrodox tokens within the platform.