Smart Agricultural Method

There is a high level of pollution due to some outdated practices still prevalent in the agriculture sector.  Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides is common as a result of generational transference of misinformation. 

Farmers are using on average 5 times more inputs than necessary which leads to inefficient farming (10% on-farm losses) and subsequently to pollution (soil degradation, water pollution).

Agrodox® is solving the problem of misinformation through machine learning, and AI enabled SAM, to effectively bridge the gap between traditional and modern agricultural practices by empowering farmers with interactive self learning.

Agrodox® fosters precision agriculture via integration of IoT connected to external sensors, satellite data and other smart solutions.

Through the interactive digital platform, farmers are guided through their daily tasks and obligations in accordance with good agricultural practices. For each plant culture, notifications are sent regarding when to water them, when to apply precise measures of nourishment, alerts on when to deploy precautionary measures concerning weather, pests, diseases etc. Our data-driven recommendations help farmers improve processes and positively impact yields.

Simple and intuitive. We help family farms stay in business.

The Agrodox SAM leverages machine learning, and AI to encourage users to efficiently monitor their tasks with minimum effort from their side. Interacting with the SAM has a low learning curve.