Agricultural commodities

We help large food manufacturing and processing companies meet the demand for high quality grain. In addition to cutting the inefficient and long supply chain, payments are immediate, secure and transparent thanks to our smart contracting system.


Agrodox® facilitates efficient transport and logistics. By linking the agricultural commodity with the specific geolocation of the farm, collection pists, or warehouses (silos) of buyers, we significantly cut transport related emissions and associated costs.


Agricultural Waste, Raw materials & Biofuels

At Agrodox®, we understand fully that trading in agricultural waste can contribute to climate neutrality through a combination of waste reduction, carbon sequestration, and the development of sustainable practices. 


We offer the opportunity for the sale and purchase of agricultural waste, such as crop residues, and food processing byproducts which can be converted into biogas or used as biomass for energy generation. Trading in these waste-derived energy products can support the displacement of fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to climate neutrality.


Additionally, trading in agricultural waste enables us to support circular economy practices, where waste is considered a resource. By turning waste into valuable products such as biofertilizers, biochar, or animal feed, Agrodox® enables the agricultural sector to minimize waste, reduce the need for synthetic inputs, and promote sustainable resource management.


Carbon market (ESG reporting)

In addition to collecting data, calculating emissions, setting targets and decarbonisation planning, the Agrodox® System for Sustainable Agriculture (ASSA) maps emissions data across the crucial scopes 2 & 3, and aligns them with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). This helps our users with CSRD obligations to meet their reporting and emissions reduction objectives.


Carbon Credits

Agrodox® creates economic incentives for users to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Farmers earn Tokens by implementing sustainable agricultural practices, including renewable energy adoption/integration, as well as waste management strategies.

We offer carbon credits in our emission offset trading program. 

Farmers and other participating businesses can earn revenue by trading these credits, providing a financial incentive to adopt climate-friendly practices.