A greener way to buy and sell

Transport optimisation

Transport accounts for more than a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions, most of which are generated by road. It is also a critical variable in calculating the price of produce. Optimising the distribution of food commodities is a key aspect of Agrodox.

Product aggregation

Agrodox marketplace aggregates produce from small family farms for sale to large buyers through our payment gateway. It facilitates trade on demand and supply sides and links produce from specific geolocation to collection posts, or warehouses (silos) of buyers.

Automatic calculation

On the platform, transport distance and costs are automatically calculated and the most efficient route is proposed. In partnership with logistics and distribution companies, we provide lower transportation costs and influence routing choices.

Transparent process

Users bid for an acceptable price which includes logistics and administrative costs in the offer. Our solution makes the procurement process transparent, by removing hidden costs and streamlining the entire activity.

Source traceability

The community provides win-win opportunities for all. Quality is assured due to the traceability feature offering clear source of the produce and method of production.

Search & find

Agrodox platform allows farmers and buyers of all sizes to seek out and find each other. This option fosters collaboration and strengthens linkages in the ecosystem.