Who we are

Agrodox is a fusion of industries! 

Our team is founded by experts from the agricultural and energy sectors.

We are on a mission to develop technologies that create avenues for people to participate and flourish in a green and circular economy.

Our company culture is about enjoying the work we do, and striving to be better than we were yesterday. Farmers are a key resource in the fight for environmental preservation as a consequence of climate change. We are taking actions to fully support their work.

Agrodox® vision is to be the market leader in development of niche technological solutions that foster climate neutrality and economic wellbeing through sustainable production and distribution of food.

Agrodox solution actively facilitates optimisation the food production process, reduction of greenhouse gasses and converts waste into tradable commodities. We also contribute to the digitalisation and inclusivity agenda, by advancing digital solutions to an underserved segment of the economy. This drastically reduces the discrimination of rural populations, promotes opportunities and reduces brain drain.

Agrodox can effortlessly be adapted to local conditions in most geographical regions around the globe.

Meet our core team

Jan Marinac
Stephanie E. Trpkov
Karlo Čečura
Vedran Marić

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